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This year PLACE is celebrating its 10th year, which I feel is a good moment to contemplate time gone by and an even better opportunity to take stock of where we have arrived at and share with you the plan of where we want to move foreword to.
The basis of PLACE has always been to source and bring you beautifully made unique items, that are of a high-quality and are created to stand the test of time. I am an advocate of buying one well-made item that you love and appreciate, rather than mass produced items. In saying this the phrase ‘it costs the Earth’ springs into mind. The truth is that it probably is!
None of us can ignore the dramatic changes and challenges in our world. Many people are taking to the streets to raise awareness in worthwhile events like the global strikes for climate change and groups like the movement Extinction Rebellion which are doing ground breaking work to point us towards the need to become active in caring for this planet of ours.
 The vision for the newly formed PLACE Evolution Ltd is to operate as environmentally conscious as possible from using recycled and environmentally friendly materials backstage, all the way to encouraging suppliers to become aware of their packaging and sourcing sustainably produced fashion. Earlier this year I went to Berlin to a fashion gathering who’s vision is to change fashion together…’through collaboration and innovation, sustainability and technology’.
This inspired me to think how collectively we here in Ireland can also be involved in changing fashion.
I am the first to admit that it is a delicate balance to strike between wanting to reduce air-miles to be environmentally conscious and at the same time wanting to support a Cambodian women’s group, producing beautiful handcrafted silk jewellery.
Rather than being overwhelmed by the impossibility to serve all causes at the same time, PLACE Evolution Ltd is taking on this challenge to try and play its part one little step at a time.
This is the transitioning of one journey to another and I am inviting you to join us on this path... the important thing is to step forward consciously however small that first step.
I love feeling good and expressing myself through what I wear and how I wear it is a part of that. Sharing that with you continues to be important to me. Maintaining this in a creative and responsible way is my aim.
Over the next months we will keep you informed of the steps we are taking. Please share with us your thoughts and feelings about navigating this challenging terrain?