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our vision


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Skirts & Trousers

Coats & Jackets

Dresses & Jumpsuits


Blue couch days with smiles

The weather can really alter our mood, so it's important to be kind to ourselves. Dressing up helps sometimes.



Boogie Woogie

KV Jewellery


What we do

Our collections are inspired by simple and effortless design with acute attention to detail, We concentrate on innovative and quality fabrics that are easy to wear and stand the test of time. Each item is lovingly chosen for its beauty, quality and uniqueness, and is carefully sourced from designers both Locally, Nationally and Internationally whom create consciously.

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kind words from you

An amazing shop with a beautiful thought-out collection. The clothes have that little twist that turns lovely into fabulous. The staff gave time and patience to find a dress that works exactly for the occasion and how I was feeling. Thanks guys, delighted with my purchase.

Leah Johnston

What a superb shop with such amazing people who work there. I was very lucky to stumble upon 'Place' last Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed 'the Divine Feminine'. I came away with a gorgeous dress and shoes and an amazing chat and it was a very special event championing and celebrating women. Bravo to you all x

Allison Moran

Your kind words

I am so inspired by SOWN
The concept of creating my "for life " wardrobe. My first project will be a much needed pair of trousers in grey/black Wexford linen. I didn't even know we had linen made in Wexford.

Liz Moffatt

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Looking for something for someone special? A gift card for Place is the perfect idea!


Our 10 Commitments towards Conscious Creative Change