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Interbellum - ceramic vessel


Handmade limited edition earthenware vessels by local artist E.Williams 

All vessels have been glazed inside and out. 

They are fully functional and water/food-proof.



What is it that suddenly makes us remember something?
Why did an album of photos left for over 30 years become important to me again?
I studied the little family that had taken those pictures on their walks through Berlin’s Siegesallee and at the Northern German lakes.
They were my people and in those images of the early 1920’s they are happy. Just having left the first world war behind they were making their days count and enjoying each other. Dressed to the nines they went on their walks and took pictures of each other: Father, mother son and the hint of a
sibling yet to be born.
Were they aware of what lay ahead? Are we ever?
I like to think that this little family is setting a timeless example of how to look after ourselves and each other and most importantly how to enjoy what life has to offer: Family, fashion, fun, culture and nature - have it all!

A perfect and special gift.

Slow fashion
Less is more
Ethical partnerships

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