Ache Away Balm

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We all get twinges in our hinges from time to time, especially at this time of year, so try our fabulous ache away rub to ease away the aches!

Coconut Oil is antibacterial and moisturising while the Cocoa Butter acts as an anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant. Our special unique blend of essential oils include Lavender which acts as another anti inflammatory agent, Juniper oils help with muscle tension and fatigue. Eucalyptus is another great oil for reducing inflammation and easing the associated pains while Frankincense helps to regenerate swollen areas.

The act of massage draws blood to the area which assists in the movement of the joint.

Simply scoop a small amount out, soften within your palms and massage into the sore area.

*Disclaimer: This is an all-natural product and we do not claim to diagnose, prescribe or cure any medical issues, keep out of your eyes!

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contents 45grm

Glass jar